I am very proud of my team! you are unique!

without my team i am nothing. without me my team is nothing.

you need us both, because we work hand in hand for your perfect smile!

we love our patients!

we live for your smile!

Dr. Justina Sabukoschek

Who am I? 

In my free time I am a passionate organic farmer in the Styrian mountains. In the forest I get inspiration for my work and my life.

During my life I have realised that nature is a great role model for all of us, even in medicine. Organic farming and invisible braces have a lot in common, because both are gentle on nature and the body.

As a doctor, I help people to improve their health, and in Upper Styria I support the cycle of nature as an organic farmer, so that our earth can be preserved as a healthy basis of life for a long time to come.

Profession comes before calling!

I stand behind my work with complete conviction and heart. I know that it is a privilege to be a doctor and to treat people who trust me!

My hobbies: farming, cooking, baking, reading, construction sites

My life motto: there is no such thing as impossible!

we love what we do

Tamara Köhler

Who am I?

I am the sunshine in our office! Always in a good mood, funny and cheerful! You can steal horses with me!

I've been here since 1995 and I'm proud of it. I love the versatility of my work. No matter if you need a new appointment, have a question or are here for a check: I am always there for you! I am also the finance professional and responsible for billing and accounting.

I love working with people and I really enjoy working with our great patients. We are a very warm and welcoming practice and it is important to me that our patients always feel comfortable here.

My hobbies: swimming, hiking, meeting friends

My motto in life: "No risk no fun!"

WE feel responsible

Ursula Holl

Who am I? 

I am authentic and humorous. I can be strict and loving at the same time, and that's how I take care of our patients (since 1996). With brain, heart & precision!

After working as "the mechanic" of fixed braces for many years and holding the position of  "braces princess", I am now a scan specialist and oral hygiene expert and will accompany you through the Invisalign treatment. I love to work here in the heart of Graz, at the foot of the Schlossberg in a unique practice. We are constantly developing - future-oriented, at the cutting edge, modern and traditional all in one. 

We love our patients and we live for their smiles. If you are doing well, we are doing well, and that is my goal!

My hobbies: agriculture, sport, reading, culture, music

My motto in life: "Everyone is a lucky smith!"

wir sind begeistert

Sophie-Marie Sabukoschek

Who am I?

I am motivated, committed and above all: curious!

As a daughter I have been on board since I was born in 1995.


Since 2015 I have been actively supporting our practice with all kinds of computer problems and IT chaos. I am also our social media manager and the first contact person for an inquiry on Instagram or Facebook. I am always ready for any task: be it a new construction site, interior design or restyling the ordination, shopping, our new website & much more ...


Occasionally you can find me in the office, but mostly I am working behind the scenes. I'm still happy to meet you!

I am happy to be part of our beautiful ordination! It is important to us that our patients feel comfortable and can enjoy the way to their perfect smile in a beautiful atmosphere.


My hobbies: sport, healthy eating, reading, art

My motto in life: "Laughter is the most beautiful language in the world!"

We value perfection

Anna-Lisa Sabukoschek

Since 2015 I have been supporting our ordination with annual planning and digital accounting up to important background work in the office. There is always a lot to do and something different every day - but that's what makes it so exciting!

I am always actively involved and fully motivated to implement our vision: we love our patients and we live for their smiles. I am fascinated by the way we use the invisible braces to change lives every day and make the world a more beautiful place. 

My smile has also gained worlds through treatment with the Invisalign method!

I love to have a look behind the scenes and to support my mother in all situations in her important work in Hollywood practice!

My hobbies: baking, reading, sports, handicrafts

My motto in life: "Give every day the chance, to be the most beautiful of your life

we take care of you

Dr. Franz Daniel

Who am I? 

As a husband and doctor, I have been involved since the creation of our practice. 

I am responsible for everything that arises with us, be it technical support or earth-shattering questions relating our ordination. 

I am also responsible for the annual training of our employees and I am happy to bring them exciting new topics every year!

During your personal initial consultation you will probably get to know me and may admire firsthand what the Invisalign method did for my smile. After wearing the invisible aligners, my teeth are barely recognizable - it's actually a wonder that my wife as an orthodontist has endured my crooked smile for so long ;)

My hobbies: nature, sports, cooking and red wine

My life motto: "It is important not to arrive, but happiness in the here and now!"

Do you want to meet us? We want to inspire you!

Frau Doktor ist online - unsere DIgitale sprechstunde

Unsere „digitalen Sprechstunde“ funktioniert ganz einfach. Sie schicken uns Fotos von Ihren Zähnen und eine kurze Beschreibung Ihrer Wünsche. Wir können dann bereits vor der Behandlung eine erste Einschätzung vornehmen und Sie erhalten einen Beratungstermin. Sie nehmen mit der Übermittlung Ihrer Daten und Fotos zur Kenntnis, dass wir weder telefonisch noch per E-Mail eine endgültige Diagnose stellen oder einen endgültigen Therapievorschlag unterbreiten können. Die digitale Sprechstunde ersetzt keinen Arztbesuch, erspart Ihnen aber zusammen mit dem nachfolgenden Beratungstermin einiges an Zeit! Wir freuen uns auf Sie!