Julia had terrible jaw pain for years, and no dentist could help her. 

After only a few weeks with the invisalign treatment her pain disappeared! 

This is what our patients say about the invisalign method

"Starting with the great homepage including videos, with the best warmest and most personal consultation, I really enjoyed this time!


I felt very comfortable right from the start and was cared for really empathetically.


After only 2x14 aligners I was able to laugh freely again with no shame.

Thanks to the Sabukoschek team for the great time in your office!"


Sonja Wieser, 2020

The Invisalign method is so ideal for me because I am in public a lot at work and it is important to me that you do not see the aligners!


I like that the treatment is so easy and I can take out the aligners for eating and brushing.


Everything is very transparent: you get a scan at the beginning of the treatment and can already see the final result here.


For me the  comfort is very high, I hardly feel it, I have no pain and that's perfect for me!"


Petra Potocnik, 2019

"Very friendly and almost familiar athmosphere. The first consultation is free and can be booked directly online. I thought of the consultation as very competent and can only reinforce that feeling during my treatment. 

Dr. Sabukoschek as well as the whole team take a lot of time and are very helpful also with possible billings of the health insurance companies. 

What I also really liked was the quick and helpful communication per mail, if I had to change an appointment due to my job." 

Börge Kummert, 2017

"The office of  Dr. Sabukoschek is the best ordination in Graz! 

Dr. Sabukoschek is the best in her area and always tries to fulfill the wishes of her patients. She is very keen to use the newest methods and technologies of orthodontics and always learn new things in order to stay ahead.

Inside the office I felt comfortable immediately. The people here are unique and wonderful each in their area. I can only recommend it here!

Julia Kowaliuk, 2019

"WIth Invisalign I finally found a method for invisible tooth correction that worked perfectly for me!

Competent consultation, quick treatment, easy appointments and no waiting time at all made the project "I want my perfect smile back" more than successful. 

Thank you to Dr. Sabukoschek and her team for the great work! 

I can only recommend you! 

Bernadette Royer, 2019


More than 12.750 patients were treated in this office since 1980!

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Unsere „digitalen Sprechstunde“ funktioniert ganz einfach. Sie schicken uns Fotos von Ihren Zähnen und eine kurze Beschreibung Ihrer Wünsche. Wir können dann bereits vor der Behandlung eine erste Einschätzung vornehmen und Sie erhalten einen Beratungstermin. Sie nehmen mit der Übermittlung Ihrer Daten und Fotos zur Kenntnis, dass wir weder telefonisch noch per E-Mail eine endgültige Diagnose stellen oder einen endgültigen Therapievorschlag unterbreiten können. Die digitale Sprechstunde ersetzt keinen Arztbesuch, erspart Ihnen aber zusammen mit dem nachfolgenden Beratungstermin einiges an Zeit! Wir freuen uns auf Sie!